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Transportation to Chamonix

I would like to travel to Chamonix from Avignon using public transportation. My teenage granddaughter and I will be traveling mid July, midweek. I would appreciate any insight, recommendations. I was originally planning to rent a car, but I read that negotiating traffic in the small Alpine villages could be rough. Now I’ve read the train ride is 7-8 hrs , and involves a bus ride too. I also read to buy my train tickets as soon as this really necessary? I’d love to hear from someone who has done this...should I go back to car rental idea? When we leave Chamonix, after 3 nights, we plan to go to Beaune for 2 nights, and then on to Paris to fly home.

I’ve only been to France once before, and we rode our bicycles all around for 6 weeks. No reservations, no problems on the was spectacular. Making all these advanced plans is daunting, but this forum has been so helpful. Thanks

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You can travel on unreserved TER trains. It is 8 1/2 hours from Avignon to Chamonix and then 7 3/4 hours on to Beaune. Price is generally always the same on TER trains.

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The method I'd probably use is train from Avignon to Geneva, which varies from about 3H:17M to 4H:38M (1 change at Lyon Part Dieu). There's a departure on the current schedule at 08:51, arriving Geneva at 12:31.

Pre-arrange a ride from the main station in Geneva to Chamonix using one of the Shuttle services (about a 1 hour ride as I recall). Some that you could consider are.....

For the reverse trip, again use the Shuttle to Geneva and then train to Beaune via Lyon Part Dieu. The only reference I could find for the rail station in Beaune is "Chagny" and I assume that's the correct one.

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This sounds like a great idea. We will definitely check into this. Thank you

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We took this route in reverse but we actually traveled from Chamonix to Annecy before traveling to Avignon.

Do consider spending some time in beautiful Annecy, en-route to Chamonix.

If you'll be taking a TGV train, it's a good idea to buy in advance especially if you want discounted tickets.

We took a TER train from Annecy to Vallence Ville, then we transfered to a TGV train to Avignon-- You'll do this in reverse.
If traveling all the way to Chamonix, it will be a very long trek requiring at least two train transfers.

Enjoy your time in France!