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Transportation from CDG

We are staying at a hotel in the 8th Arrondissement. I know a cab would be the quickest and most convenient way to get there . Anybody know the approximate cost? What other options that are less expensive do we have? Thank you.

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Taxis from CDG to Paris are now a fixed rate. 50 Euros to the right bank, 55 euros to the left.

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The cheaper option is the RER (express métro / commuter network) and connecting métro to the station nearest your hotel. This may well also be quicker. But, you have to carry your own luggage.

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The fixed rate cab is the best choice. If you take the train be sure you can easily carry your bags up and down stairs and that your valuables are well stowed so pickpockets can't get them.

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Thanks . Since we are on the right bank, I see the charge will be 50 euros. Is a tip expected and if so what percentage? Do the cabs take credit cards?

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I was just there a few weeks ago, got into the official taxi queue--2 people ahead of me so on my way in 5 minutes. The taxis take credit cards and be sure to say to the driver something like "50 euro, correct?" because otherwise some will run the meter and charge more, I've read that this happens. I tipped 5 euro.

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You don't have to tip the driver, and you will only pay the flat rate metered fare, which is good for 4 passengers and their luggage. There will be an additional 4 EU charge per person if there are more than 4 passengers.
If the driver helps with the luggage, you might tip a couple of euros. There is no "tip line" on credit card receipts in Paris, so you'll have to give cash, if you want to.
This flat rate works in both directions - going to or from CDG or Orly, though Orly costs 30 or 35 EU, depending on address.