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Transferring Trains in Marne la Vallee-Chessy?

Hi -- We are heading from Bordeaux to Lyon and need to change trains at Marne la Vallee station. The time in between one train's arrival and the other's departure is only 33 mins. Is that enough time? I'm assuming so since the train station isn't very big and they probably wouldn't schedule this itinerary if it was impossible, but I just want to make sure... Thanks!

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Train schedules train are arranged to make connections easier. I don’t have experience with your transfer at Marne la Vallee-Chessy. However, 33 minutes is logically a reasonable amount of time to llocate your transfer and get to that platform.

Many people are not on forum tonight as they’re mourning the fire of Notre Dame.

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Normally enough time to grab a cup of coffee between trains. 2 platforms with tracks on either side and an escalator up to the crossover bridge. Should take about 3 or 4 minutes to do the actual change if the trains are on different platforms, 1 minute if they are on the same platform.

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Many transfers are closed to 10 minutes and are just fine.

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33 minutes is plenty of time for a transfer at almost any European railway station and definitely at Marne-la-Vallee. Changing trains is not like aircraft changes - you handle your own luggage, the train doors open immediately or close to it, and the platforms are rarely more than five minutes' walk apart, although there may be level changes. The main issue if you aren't used to train travel is getting off the train fast enough - have your coat on and your luggage in your hand when the train stops, if you wait too long after everyone else has got off the train will leave with you.