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Transfer in CDG with 2 separate tickets but no checked bags

I have 2 separate bookings (1 on Delta that gets us from SLC to Paris and 1 on Air France that gets us from Paris to Florence.) We have a 4.5 hour layover between the 2 flights and are not checking bags. From what I've researched if you have 2 separate tickets you have to exit the baggage claim and re check in with the 2nd ticket?

Can we check in online with Air France and use the transit area to get to our next gate without exiting the airport since were not checking bags?


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Some of this could depend on your ability to check-in online for the AF flight. You might be able to stay airside with a mobile boarding pass, but any hiccups in getting that, and you'd need to exit and check-in landside.

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That's what I was thinking, AF lets you check in 30 hours in advance so I'd print those boarding passes at home and bring them with us to stay airside. They are different terminals but close together. Landing at 2E and departing from 2F.

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You do not need to leave the transit area since you don't have checked baggage. There are multiple options:

  1. Check in online and print out boarding pass prior to US departure
  2. Use the app to check in on your phone and have the boarding pass on your phone
  3. Check in and print boarding pass at one of the Air France kiosks in the transit area

With your ticket combo, you don't need to leave the transit area even with checked baggage. It is Delta's policy to check bags all the way through to the final destination if flying on two tickets as long as the two tickets are either both Delta tickets OR are a Delta ticket and an Air France ticket -- you just need to provide the second ticket info when you check in for the first flight.