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train travel

My wife and I are in the beginning stages of planning a 3 - 4 week train journey through various regions of France.
Can you please inform us about whether or not there is train service between the following cities/towns.
Toulouse to Arles
Arles to Lyon
Lyon to Annecy
Annecy to Dijon
Dijon to Reims
Reims to Amiens
Amiens to Rouen
and finally, Rouen to Paris
Can you please indicate also whether they are direct routes or will we need to change trains at other stations.
Also can you indicate which are TGV and which are regional trains. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Kolb

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Toulouse to Arles - 3hr 12min DIRECT
Arles to Lyon - 2hr 40min DIRECT
Lyon to Annecy - 1hr 59min DIRECT
Annecy to Dijon - 5hr 26min VIA CHANGE AT LYON
Dijon to Reims - 3hr 31min DIRECT
Reims to Amiens - 2hr 37min VIA CHANGE AT LAON
Amiens to Rouen - 1hr 17min DIRECT
Rouen to Paris - 1hr 18min DIRECT