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Train transfer in Caen from SNCF to TER train to get to Bayeux

I need to get to Bayeux from Paris in September Sept. 7th and while there is a 12:09 direct train, don’t think I can make it (landing 09:30, no luggage, will be among first to get off plane and planning taxi to St Lazare but seems to tight). There is a 1:43 train which connects in Caen but only allows 9 minutes between trains and, two different carriers (Paris to Caen on SNCF then, Caen to Bayeux is TER). Is anyone familar with proximity of trains at Caen station? Appreciate your help!

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I'll bet 9 minutes is enough time to connect in Caen, if the inbound train is on time. If your inbound train to Caen is late, then you'll just take the next TER train on to Bayeux. So, personally, I wouldn't worry about it.

Although I dislike buses, there is FYI a direct bus from CDG to Caen (FlixBus, I see checking now) at 11:40, arrives 3:30. That might be cheaper than taking a taxi to St. Lazare from the airport then catching a train to Caen. Could be the bus station in Caen is adjacent to the train station - no idea - to catch a TER train on to Bayeux.

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The bus station in Caen is very near the train station, but it would be important to confirm that Flixbus goes to the bus station. Individual bus lines sometimes use completely different termination points, especially when the bus station is not located in the center of town, which is the case in Caen.

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Patty, SNCF and TER are not two different carriers. A TER is a type of train (=Transport express régional, a local train), it is still run by SNCF. Just like TGV, Transilien etc. are all types of train run by SNCF.
The TER will be a planned connection for your incoming train from Paris. 9 minutes is a perfectly normal change time in this case. If your incoming train is late the TER will probably wait. Even if you miss it, you can just get the next TER.

Landing at 12:09 (at which airport? That makes a difference). You would need to be very lucky to catch the 12:09. The 13:43 would be safer (I guess you mean 13:43, and not 01:43 the following morning!).

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Thank you everyone for your help! (I land at CDG and yes, mean 1:43 pm train)

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Caen station is straightforward. Here is a diagram of the train platforms:

On this previous page you can see the exterior. Sorry it's in French but the visuals are clear:

However, the easiest, reduced-stress tactic is to buy tickets now for the 3:05 p.m. direct train ex- St-Lazare through to Bayeux.. The cheapest fare is 15 euro if bought now, pretty cheap. I would make a leisurely commute by RER from the airport to St-Lazare, enjoy an equally relaxed lunch near St-Lazare, and then on to Bayeux without worrying about a Caen transfer. Coming off a trans-Altantic flight, I would almost certainly spend part of the train ride snoozing and would not be in good shape for a dash at Caen.