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Train to Reims, france

I am traveling for the day to Reims. Our tour guide is to pick us up at Reims train station. Not sure , but I think it’s the Reims Ville though it’s called Gare de Reims?? The address is 1 four de la Gare. So the TGV train from Paris goes to the Reims- center station. Is this the same as Reims Ville or is it the outer train champagne - Ardennes? Is Reims Ville the same station as Gare de Reims?

Thanks for any help!

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Can you not contact your tour guide for answers?

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Gare is French for station, "Gare de Reims" = Reims station.
"Reims Ville" = Reims town, which is what they normally call a station in the town centre.
I would say they are both the same.

"Gare de Champagne-Ardenne TGV" is on the edge of Reims.

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This is my understanding of Reims -- and a bit from memory. There is the Reims-Central station in the heart of the city. The TGV express train goes to Begannes with a train connection to Reims. And, I think, the TVG train is called Champagne-Ardenne TGV express. From you information I think the Gare de Reims and Reims Ville are the same as the central train station. The TVG requires a change in Bezannes.

I am guessing that your guide wants to pick you at the central train station in Reims.

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The guide wants to meet you at the central train station, Reims Ville. I agree though that you should check with the guide to be sure. Certain TGVs do stop at the station In May 2017, I took the 7:44 AM TGV to Reims for a tour that started at 9 AM.

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I had to take the train from Paris to Champagne-Ardenne and then transfer to the TER train to Reims-Ville. It was seamless, same platform and the TER was waiting.