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train to Giverny?

Which train line is best to take to Giverny in June?

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Take the train from St. Lazare station in Paris to the town of Vernon. From here, take one of the waiting shuttle buses over to Giverny, a short distance away. Take the same bus back to Vernon to catch the train back to Paris (or, on to Rouen like I did to see that the same day).

I suggest buying your Monet's Garden tickets online ahead of time so you can skip the line at the entrance - and arrive as early as you can to enter when the garden opens, so you'll avoid some of the crowding that occurs soon after the opening.

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There is no best train line for this trip. You take the train that scheduled for the time that works with your availability for the trip. All trains that go to Giverny are run by SNCF, France's national train system. On any given day there are TER trains or Intercites trains, both part of the SNCF system on that route that you can take to Vernon for Giverny. By the way, I assume that you mean to travel from Paris to Giverny.

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Sorry, I did forget to say the train FROM Paris. Thank you for the responses. I was getting very frustrated because Rick's book says it takes about 45 minutes to get there and to get there before Monet's garden opens at 9:30. We wanted to go on Saturday or Sunday and the trains for those days don't work out so well. We had to change our plans to Friday in order to get an early, quick train. Thanks again...this is a great forum!