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Train to Florence from Paris

I'm looking for train travel info from Paris to Florence. Last year I printed off train information from Rick Steves sight that had a train leaving Paris at 641am for a 9-10 hour trip. Now I cannot find that train. Is it a seasonal timetable? When I look on RailEurope the train leaves Paris in the evening and is an overnight trip. I'd prefer to go via the Swiss Alps during the day as I've heard the other way has a lot of tunnels. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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It is too early to buy tickets or even check firm schedules for July 3. I picked a random weekday in April and used the site. to find a Paris departure at 06:29 through Torino & Milano with changes at both Torino and Milano, arriving Florence at 15:59.

You might sign up for SNCF's email notices as I frequently am advised of discount plans in advance.

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Perhaps a bit off subject, but why not fly? Cost seems to be about the same.

Or is your intent to see the scenery?

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The most reliable schedule information is from REurope is not a good source for routine schedule information.

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Hi, we are looking for the same travel for July as well. I am going to be using to book tickets. It does both legs of the journey at once. You can sign up for notifications of when your dates are open for purchase. Usually 120 days out. You can transfer either in Milan or Turin. This is the option that I am currently deciding on and have a question posted in this forum as well. Safe travels!

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Italian Railways change to a summer timetable in June. There will not be many changes (there rarely are), but times after that date are not yet available, so it shows as no trains.
The best place to look is the DB website: RailEurope does not show all trains.
3rd July is a Tuesday, so just pick an earlier Tuesday to find out the times. Paris to Firenze S.M.N. (use the real place names, not English translations). And you get:

Paris Gare de Lyon dep 06:29, TGV 9241, Torino Porta Susa arr 12:24
Torino Porta Susa dep 13:12, FR 9793, Milano Centrale arr 14:02
Milano Centrale dep 14:20, FR 9537, Firenze S.M.N. arr 15:59

Is this the train you are looking for? You can click on each train number to see the intermediate stops.