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Train tickets from Paris to Amsterdam? How do I book online?

Does anyone know where I go online to book tickets on the fast train? Can this be done in advance?

Thank you!

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We took the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris last fall and it was a great ride. Book as early as possible (up to 90 days beforehand) to save lots of $$$, if you're able to commit to a specific train without a refund if you miss it.

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We have done this several times, booking with the Thalys web site and printing the tickets at home; you can book 3 mos in advance (not 90 days, but 3 months i.e. you could book for June 7 today) I discovered this time thing accidentally when checking the site on the 92cd day before I needed to travel and finding it accepted my purchase request. Tickets are about 35 Euro booked earliest and are over 100 Euro booked close to travel. They are non-refundable however when you get the cheap tickets.

The Thalys site is often difficult to use for AMericans and it often rejects the credit card; be sure to contact your bank BEFORE you go on line to book. And if you have problems, you need to erase cookies or change computers and it may be helpful to change to a different credit card. We have always managed to book, but always had a few hiccups. The fraud department of US banks does not always communicate well with the rest of the bank so your bank may say it is fine but still be bouncing your purchase.