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Train reservation question

Hello all

We bought eurail passes. As I was attempting to make the train reservation online
I see that under the train option, there is a small statement in italics. It reads:

Service runs: not everyday. 7 July until 8 Dec 2018. not 28, 30 Oct

Does this mean this service will run in August?

I have some difficulty understanding the fine print. Thanks for your help

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Yes, it will run in August. It runs every day from early July until early Dec, except for 28th and 30th October.

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It means exactly what it says. It runs from the 7th July until 8th December 2018 inclusive. except for the 28th and 30th October when it doesn't run.
So it runs all 31 days in August 2018.

When you look up train times, you enter a date and a time. It will show the trains for that date, only showing those that run on that date and not those that don't run. This is additional background information.