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Train Marseille to Paris Capitaine or SNCF or TGV

Im looking to take a fast train from Marseille to Paris early October. Someone suggested using Capitaine trains. Upon checking fares it seems Capitaine is much cheaper than the others. Are thy reliable and are they that much less. Its almost like its to good to be true.
any help or suggestions would be welcome

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SNCF is the operator of the train. TGV is the brand name that they use for their fastest trains. Capitainetrain is just an agent passing on the deals that SNCF provides

Rick’s France rail travel page has the link and tips for buying the cheapest “Prems” rate TGV tickets through SNCF (cheap, reserved, nonrefundable, available three or four months ahead of your travel date) to print at home and pay with PayPal. It does not tend to work with US credit cards, unless you have an extra level of security set up.

Therefore, if you can't get the Prems rate, can't pay with PayPal, or just find it otherwise easier to use web sites originally designed in English, then you may book tickets more easily through

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The standard "trick" for North Americans on the SNCF site is to specify Antarctica for ticket pickup. It avoids being bumped to the Rail Europe subsidiary. No visit to the penguins is required as you will print your tickets out at home. Otherwise, tickets can be retrieved at any SNCF station or boutique once you are in France. My Canadian credit cards work fine on-line. That northern train ride is a head-spinning treat.

Use Capitaine trains!! The website is very user friendly. I've just wasted so much time trying to book through SNCF because they don't easily accept US credit cards. Thanks to advice from helpers on this forum, I tried Capitaine and had success on first try. **Make sure you alert your bankcard before you book the tickets, or your card may be denied. I had trouble getting iDTGV tickets on Capitaine site, and they recommended I contact iDTGV directly to book. iDTGV is less expensive - I hope the company/trains are reliable!