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Train from Nice to Milan?

Can you buy tickets at the train station, just a couple day before, as you can in Italy? I have no access to a printer and am currently in Italy, so can't get to a train station.

Also, any tips or tricks with buying tickets. Which station in Nice would I use as a starting point?

How much of a difference, comfort-wise is there between 1st and 2nd class?


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Yes, you can buy tickets at the station, although it will be expensive. There is only one major station in Nice.

There isn't generally much difference between first and second class on long-distance trains - in first class you will get a bigger seat and possibly a quieter environment. But second class is fine.

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Thello runs direct trains from Nice to Milan. They are at 8:09, 2:09 pm, 6:09 pm. Full fare 2nd class is 45 euro, 1st class is 60 euro. So if they have seats available, looks like a possibility.

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There are two ways to do that trip, the twice a day (I think it is twice at the moment EDIT- Sam says 3 so I'm sure he's right) Thello direct train which is somewhat more expensive, or the do it yourself but less expensive multi train option.

There are three stations in Nice. The main one, and the one that the Thello calls at is Nice Ville. The local trains call at all three. Nice Riquier is closer to the old town. Nice St Augustine is close to the airport.

The DIY version is Nice via a frequent and very cheap local train to Ventimiglia, then a Regionale (very slow) or Inter City (somewhat faster) to Genova Piazza Principe and change (or possibly straight on) for Milano.

The train from Ventimiglia has the usual 3 level pricing and can be purchased while you are in Italy.

Even though the Thello is faster you may find the DIY version fits your time schedule.

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Thello tickets are only sold online and are ticketless; they do not need printing. Tickets for other (national railway) departures are sold at staffed train stations in both France and Italy, as well as some Italian travel agencies.