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Train from Milan to Paris without pass sanitaire

We have been in Italy for over 2 weeks & will travel from Milan to Paris by train next week. 2 of us have received the health pass, 2 have not. Will the 2 who have not received it be able to show their Canadian vaccination certificates or will they need to get an antigen test for the train?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Travelers on this forum have reported some success getting French QR codes by re-submitting their applications during French business hours (and outside lunchtime). Maybe try again? It will make your life easier in France, should you come across people who are unfamiliar with the Canadian certificate - even though my understanding is that it should be accepted on the train, at least.

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I read that yesterday as well and have suggested they resubmit during business hours so we will see what happens. But as far as I can tell, they are going to have to do a covid test every 72 hours, but I can't confirm it. Lots about flying from Canada or U.S. to France, but not much from an EU country to France.