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Train From Lourdes to Paris

Is there an earlier train schedule from Lourdes to Paris than the 4:38 pm I saw at Rail Europe? Tried the SCNF website but it keeps directing me to Rail Europe. Travelling to Lourdes from Paris and back April 17 to 19. Got the first leg covered, it's the return trip that I am having issues. Thank you

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Lots of trains, including 3 direct TGV's. Look at schedules at When you use the SNCF site, specify your country as France. If you enter USA, you get bounced to Raileurope, because SNCF owns Raileurope and they want you to pay their inflated prices and use their incomplete schedules.

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Of course there is. RE only shows schedules for the tickets they are selling. When using SCNF put you home as England. US gets sent to RE. For just schedule info use Bahn .com.

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Most railway web sites only show the trains the have for sale, not a complete schedule database. DB is different, collecting schedules form all of Europe, regardless of whether they are for sale online. How to Look Up Train Schedules and Routes Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.

Rick’s France rail travel page has the link and tips for buying “Prems” rate TGV tickets through SNCF (cheap, reserved, nonrefundable, available three or four months ahead of your travel date) to print at home and pay with PayPal. It does not tend to work with US credit cards, unless you have an extra level of security set up.

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A simpler option if you have difficulty using a US credit card on the official SNCF site is Capitaine Train.

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Thank you all. Philip - love the Capitaine Train website - so easy to use.