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Train from Bayeux to Paris and then Eurostar to London

I am in the very early planning stages of a trip to France and England. This will be our 2nd visit to both countries. We plan to spend a couple nights in Bayeux right before making our way to London via the Eurostar. I'd like to travel to Paris via train from Bayeux in the morning (it looks like it would be on a Sunday) and then move right on to London via the Eurostar later in the day. We would plan to dedicate the whole day for travel, so we would not be in a rush and would not have something else scheduled that evening. Given the fact that train strikes can occur in France, is it wise to schedule this trip all in one day? If there is a train strike (Bayeux to Paris), I am thinking we would need to get back to Paris by bus. I wouldn't want to miss our Eurostar train which would be booked weeks ahead of time. We are familiar with European train travel, but I am unfamiliar with what exactly would happen as far as our time schedule if we did have to take a bus from Bayeux to Paris. I have used Rome2rio and see that the bus would take almost 5 hours. Would it be better to schedule the train from Bayeux to Paris on one day and then Eurostar from Paris to London the next day? Or do I just leave a really long time in between reservations? Thank you!

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Given the fact that train strikes can occur in France, is it wise to schedule this trip all in one day? If there is a train strike (Bayeux to Paris

Regardless of the existence of strikes, I would not want to take a train to Paris from Bayeux and then one to London in the same day. But I don't think or worry to prepare for worse case scenarios when booking tickets in advance.

You could just go to Caen from Bayeaux in 14 minutes by train or take a taxi and fly to London.
This airline flies to London from Caen
You would have to go to Caen to get the bus to Paris in the event of a strike anyway.

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Thank you! I was unaware that we could fly from Caen to London. That sounds like a better plan already! If anyone else would like to chime in with their opinion on this, please do!

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Our train from Bayeux to Paris last spring was cancelled while we waited in the station. We were two hours late to Paris. You plan is a chance I would not take.

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I'd definitely fly from Caen to London. I believe the London Airport is Southend, which is a bit far from the city, but there's a train to Liverpool St Station. And a cab from Bayeux to Caen airport won't break the bank (you'll need to book, with the help of your hotel)

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You can also take an overnight ferry from Caen to England, which will save you a night in a hotel.

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You could reverse the trip, starting in London, taking the Eurostar to Paris, then you'd have more options should your Bayeux train be cancelled. Then plan a night (or two) in Paris before flying home from there.