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Train from Bayeux France to gare Saint Lazare holiday

Trying to purchase train tickets on May 27 and am receiving a message about tracks possibly being closed for the holiday and or track maintenance. I realize I am several months out but wondering if anyone has any info on how extensive the closure might be? Any suggestions on how else to get from Normandy to Paris if trains aren’t available ?

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I can't guarantee that it always happens, but on two trips in southern France when trains weren't running because of work on the tracks, SNCF ran replacement buses. I found them reliable.

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This is the middle of a major holiday weekend and there are major engineering works on the tracks out of Paris Saint Lazare, so the impact might be significant. The works timetable is only available 3 months out, so I could not find details.
If there are no direct trains, buses are not guaranteed on such a long route, especially since there is an alternative "long way round" via Caen and Le Mans, taking 5 hours or so.
Or you could look for trains the day before perhaps.

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Yikes. The message on the sncf web site said to check back. I saw the « long way around route » but means a missed connection to Brussels. Hoping for a bus but will start looking into other options. Would hate to have to cancel our trip.