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Train from Avignon to Barcelona. Barcelona to Paris

Looking at Railpasses and need to know if I should purchase the France to Spain Pass. I have been told that this is unnecessary. Buy the French Pass and pay for the trip from Avignon to Barcelona. Its cheaper. What about Barcelona to Paris? Thanks

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You can find the point-to-point prices yourself using these tools, then compare to the price of a pass. Often the separate tickets will be cheaper, and can include the reserved seat required on some long-distance fares. Passholders need to make that reservation separately at extra cost.
Like budget airlines, buying early can land major discounts which should be taken into account when making comparisons.
Note that there is now a fast connection between Paris and Barcelona. Other routes, such as to Avignon to Barcelona, may involve changing trains. The French inter-city rail system. If in the US/Canada, choose ticket delivery in Antarctica. The encyclopaedia of rail travel.
Seat 61 will help you buy the fare on the Spanish rail company from Barcelona to Paris.