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Traffic tickets in France

France makes it easy to pay speeding tickets -- took care of mine in 5 minutes online. The mailed ticket contains the website address, and you can get it in English. They're happy to take credit cards, too.

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Laura, you may be the first person to post about having received a traffic ticket in Europe without whining "It's so unfair"... "It's just a scam to bilk American tourists" ... "How was I supposed to know?"... "Do I have to pay it?" Very refreshing. We received a parking ticket in Italy once and found it was simply a matter of going to the Post Office in Siracusa to pay it. Our B&B owner felt so sorry about it he reduced our bill by €20!

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What Norma said. The French provide the most efficient way to pay traffic tickets of any country we have had the pleasure to speed in so far. And it is refreshing for someone to take responsibility for the fun they had, pay the fine and move on.

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Not that I want to get a traffic ticket in France but your information and your attitude are a muc needed breath of fresh air on this subject. Thank you.