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Tours to Paris from London please!

Hi all and many thanks for the help you could offer. Let me explain a little bit : I have a wonderful student here in Mexico. He is 16 and right now he's spending the summer as a exchange student in London. He knows I love to travel and that I've been to Paris several times ( always on my own) and he wrote to me asking for suggestions on how to travel to Paris. The problem ( at least for me) is that he wants to travel by tour ( he is young and not confident enough to travel by his own , but that's the way I can give him more info). So, Do you know about a good tour agency I can recommend this young man so he can spend a weekend in Paris this month or the next one?
Thank you very much. Any tips are very much appreciated!

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How lucky he is to have such a caring teacher. For a number of years, my first choice for local tours has been Context Travel. Amazingly well educated, engaging guides and really good customer service. They do local walking tours and will customize tours. My concerns with a young person would be getting him to Paris on his own, and cost, since they limit groups to 6 and therefore are a little more expensive than other companies. It might be worth looking at their website and maybe calling the office to see what they'd suggest.

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Rick Steve's son runs the perfect type for for him, mostly students like himself( not old fogeys!) Cheap for students, and timed perfect for quick school breaks .

Definitely steer him that and the link kindly posted by Donna above my post!

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We checked the great reccomendations given here but we found out that he needs to be 18 to be in an Andy Steves' tour . We found a tour with "London toolkit tours" that seems good but didn't find any reviews. I was wondering if somebody here, by any chance have heard about this company? Thank you very much.