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Tour tipping policies

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help with a tipping question. I have booked a rather pricey horseback riding tour that lasts one week. I’m pretty sure the owner will be our tour guide. Is it necessary to tip at the end and if so how much? If I did the average of 15% it would be several hundred euros which seems excessive but I don’t want to offend as I’m sure it will be a fabulous trip. I will be going with a friend who will be doing the same. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!!

Posted by 75020
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Unless the policy has changed, the general rule of thumb for most tipping situations was no tipping the owner. But if he's assisted by others on your riding excursion, you'd tip them. I'm awaiting other responses with interest.

Posted by chexbres
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If it really is the owner, you do not have to tip.
If it is someone else, you might tip 10% or whatever you feel the experience was worth to you.

Posted by Donna
Cleveland, OH
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If you find that the tour guide is the owner, it would still be nice to acknowledge him/her in some way. Maybe a nice bottle of wine from you and your friend?

Posted by chexbres
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Carrying around a bottle of wine on horseback might be clumsy...
If it is a truly good bottle of wine - which would set you back even more euros - it would not benefit from horseback riding.

Posted by traylaparks
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I was curious about this question, so I checked out a few websites for businesses offering horseback riding tours in France. One (Equitours) said that gratuities are addressed in the detailed tour information. A couple of others said that their prices did not include gratuities. Another website indicated that gratuities may be paid locally.

If I were you, I would email the operator and ask about their expectations regarding tips.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Tipping the owner is not necessary or really even sensible . Sure they will happily take your money , but it makes no sense at all to tip them .

Buy them a few drinks while out . Maybe a dinner . But handing them money when they have already built in their cut makes zero sense .

If however the guide is not the owner then a tip would be nice but don't go all crazy ! Trust me locals wouldn't , 100- 150 euros would be nice for a week . France does have minimum wages laws so they aren't working just for tips remember .

Is trip private ( just you and a friend ) or group ? If private and you both tip 150 I think that's decent , and if it's a group multiply that and guide is doing ok lol

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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I have no experience with something like this, but the advice to ask the tour operator seems logical. I do not think that there is a "typical rule", just saying, in cases like this, I do not think a "percentage" of the cost applies, as that may not be a good correlation to service provided, perhaps a flat tip per day, I can't imagine it would total over a hundred euro, but I might be cheap and not understand why all costs are not included in the price..

All that said, this may be a case where the fee paid is sufficient compensation, if it is somewhat exclusive, they would obviously include good compensation for employees in the fee.

Posted by Dick
Olympia, WA, USA
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Maybe some oats or a carrot for the one who's really doing most of the work? ;-)

Posted by joe32F
Edmonds, WA
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What is listed as included in your 'pricey' tour? If at the end you got something extra then perhaps a tip may be appropriate.

If all they deliver is what is 'advertised', then it sounds like you have already compensated them adequately.

Unless you plan to do the tour again, why be concerned if they are 'offended'?