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Tour Montparnasse


Will be in Paris end-June and planning to visit Tour Montparnasse in the evening (8-9ish) to catch the sunset.

Do I need to book tickets in advance or can I book directly at the tower. How bad is the queue (ticket and entry) at this time of the year?

Also is the surrounding neighborhood of Montparnasse worth spending a couple of hours (am in Paris only for 4 days)


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I didn't queue that long but that was years ago.

The Montparnasse cemetery is one of the most interesting in Paris. Other than that not a great deal apart from the creperies in the area. Have one after you've gone up the tower.

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In June the actual sunset (sun goes below the horizon) will be just before 10:00pm. Obviously it will start getting dark before the actual sunset.
The view at sunset should be good, but note that the view after dark is disappointing. So timing is important, you don't want to miss the sunset, but if you get there at 8pm, you'll have a 2 hour wait until sunset.

Booking tickets in advance is not required.
You may want to look at their website and think further about whether you would prefer to buy a ticket online. (google montparnasse tower for their website).

Regarding the neighborhood, since you're only in Paris 4 days (it will pass quickly), IMO your time is better spent in other parts of the city (and not in the Montparnasse neighborhood)--except for the view around sunset from the Tower.
You could do what Philip suggested.

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Thanks a lot guys...this is helpful. Will book tickets when I reach there. Cheers..