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Tips for short connection at CDG?

Hi all,

My daughter is traveling this evening from IAD to CDG to Marseilles on Air France. Her connection at CDG is 1 hour and 25 minutes. Are there any tips to get her to her connecting flight quickly and efficiently? She is only bringing a carry-on.

Thanks in advance!

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She'll be fine. She'll have passport and security to go through but should make it. The terminals are next to each other. We had one hour in July, we're old and slow, and we made it. Just don't dawdle and be ready for security.

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It may be too late but having a seat near the exit door can be very helpful. We once got caught with being nearly the last ones off of a jumbo jet and missed our connection simply because it took so long to get off the plane. And if she is running late don't be afraid to try to jump the line. Often there will be a line for short connections but she may have to ask permission to use it.

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Air France has lots of flights from CDG to Marseille. I see 3 more flights during the rest of the day to get her to her destination. If she misses that connection, she'll get put on the next one.

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We have gone through CDG several times, taking Delta and connecting with Air France.
An hour and 25 minutes is cutting it close. I like to plan on 2 hours.

Still, it is possible. I recommend:

1) Check the airport site that tells you what gate and terminal for your arriving flight, then check the gate and terminal for the departing flight. If the terminals are the same, that is great, however, that is unlikely. However, we find that when using Delta/Air France that we arrive at a terminal that the departing terminal is almost always facing the arrival terminal (across a highway). You can make the transition by walking.

2) Still, your Daughter will have to go through Schengen immigration check-in. I have always found it efficient.

3) Also, check in advance for any Air France flights to Marseilles that follow the one she is scheduled to be on, in the event she misses her flight. There are usually more than one flight a day from CDG to Marseilles.

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Yes, I can see previous flights that come into 2E from the U.S. then depart from 2F. Seems like CDG is even quieter lately and we flew through passport control 2 1/2 weeks ago. Thanks all!

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One other tip: If the connection is tight and the lines are long at passport control, try the First Class express line instead. Show the staff at the entry your boarding pass and explain that you might not make the connection. It's worked for me twice.