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Time for St. Pierre des Corps rental

We arrive at St. Pierre des Corps via TGV at 11:46. The car rental company closes at 12:15 for lunch. Will we be able to get the car before they close?

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you can use Google Maps to get walking directions between the train station and the car rental office. It will also tell you approximately how long the walk would be as well:

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Which company is providing the car rental? When we rented a car in St Pierre des Corps, we used EuropCar and their location was right across the street from the train station. It took about 5 minutes to walk there from the train.

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When I rented a car in Perpignan France a few years ago we arrived about 15 minutes before they closed for lunch. By the time the paperwork was taken care of and we were shown to the car it was closing time. They wouldn't even let me sit there and familiarize myself with the car. We had to drive off the lot so they could close the gate behind us. It's a good thing there wasn't anything wring with the car or we would have had to sit there until they reopened!

David had a good idea that Monte can get there quickly and get things going. If it take you and Paige a little longer it shouldn't matter.

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We will be renting from EuropCar, also. Ok, so if it is across the street, maybe we can make it.
Monte will be the driver so that's a great idea for him him to run on over and we can take our time and even carry his bag so he can make a dash for it.

If we don't make it in time, do you recall any restaurants around the train station?

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Although it's not a bustling part of town, there is a perfectly fine cafe, with outdoor tables, to your right after you exit the station. You can join all the other people waiting two hours (break time varies from one car rental company to another) for their car. Do not assume your train will arrive at 11:46.

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Two autumns ago we took the TGV from Paris to St Pierre de Corps and rented a car there. The car rental company is right there at the train station, just off to the right when you walk out of the front entrance. So we were there in 'steps' rather than minutes or miles. We were in/out in 15 minutes. Can I give you some advice? Be sure to get a GPS with the car... heaven sent! Next, have it all arranged so the check-in time is minimal. Next, I know it sounds silly but keep this in mind. The car they gave us was a Reynault (should have been called a Little rocket... sweet ride!) and we spent 5 minutes trying to find reverse! On the stick-shift there is a leather 'dust-cover' for lack of a better word, about half-way down, . Where the 'dust-cover' ends about 1/2 up the stick, pull up on this latch and you've found reverse!