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Tickets to the Louvre

Will be in Paris in the beginning of June. I went to a web site, Tickets, and chose the tickets. When I went to pay via credit card, it refused my card. I tried another card and again, it was refused. I know for a fact that both cards are good and have very little balance on them and also have a very high limit.

Is this typical that it refused credit cards? Any advice on how to secure tickets would be appreciated.

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I have found that when buying online tickets across the pond, it's possible to go through multiple credit cards before the system accepts one. It seems our Costco card, which we "only" use for one thing, has been accepted for museums in Italy and France.

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a quick Google search indicates this is a common problem. Among the suggested solutions: call bank/Visa to authorize charge, try a debit card, try different web browsers, clear web browser cache, use incognito mode in web browser, use a VPN, and just keep trying. I've had similar issues with other overseas transactions, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it unfortunately. Good luck!

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Yes, OP has the correct official ticketing site for the Louvre. I suggest calling your CC company while you have the Louvre ticketing site up on your computer. Try to do the purchase while they are on the phone with you so they can see if it is even getting thru to them. I've sometimes defaulted to my American express card which will almost always go thru.