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Tickets to Louvre

Hello. I just tried to secure tickets to the Louvre for this coming June, but was not able to do so. Only tickets that seem available for purchase are for the month of February, which is a month from now. Does this mean that I will have to wait until May before I can get these tickets for our June visit, along with the time slot needed to visit this museum?

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Linda, right now, no, you can't reserve tickets for June. They are only available through the end of February. Whether tickets will become available on more than a rolling month-to-month basis or longer is a question only the museum can answer. I'd just keep an eye on the website for tickets to become available for the month you're needing them for.

Tickets for attractions in more than just Paris are only available on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis right now due to shifting COVID mandates and staff shortages. We're seeing this over on the Italy forums for some of the bigger attractions there. Just don't panic, keep a thumb on ticketing site, and you'll get the day/time you desire.

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I don’t know how different it will be for June, but I just this morning booked a slot for next week and there were plenty of dates/times available. Of course, it is January and not the more popular June, LOL

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Thank u for this info. I tried securing tickets for Eiffel Tower summit & have encountered the same issue. I’ll just keep che king back every few weeks

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When you are checking for tickets, I'd also make a mental note to check your airline reservations. Things can change and you might not get notified. Pre-covid I checked once a month until about 2 months out then went down to 2 weeks and then one week. Now, I might do it more frequently.

Enjoy the Louvre. It's one of my favorite museums. I do suggest you look a little at the Louvre website and the floor plan on there. If you can, try to narrow down what you may want to see. That may include the trail of the "biggies" or it may focus on certain periods of time and/or geographic locations. And no, Ive not ever done the Beyonce and Jay-Z tour!