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things to do outside of the RS Tour

I am joining a RS Tour, yes, but coming in solo and I don't know if others will take me in under their wing or not in our free time...? With that he said, as a backup plan....I'm trying to come up with a list of things to see and do on my own. One of the places I am curious about is: Chocolate crawl Paris and Luxemborg gardens in Paris. Can anybody say anything to that ? (actually saw these listed on someone else postings here)

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Which tour are you taking? You shouldn't have any trouble at all with your free time activities on the RS tour. I always travel solo on tours and you should be able to join others in your group or tour on your own, as you wish. I'd suggest making a list of the sights that you'd most like to see in the places you'll be touring. You might find that this coincides with places that others in your group also want to see. Just "play it by ear" when the tour starts, and I think you'll be surprised at how well it all comes together. The RS groups that I've toured with have all been very easy to get along with.

Happy travels!

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My sister is a chocolatier in Seattle and just made her own Paris crawl, in which she visited the luxury showplaces including Pierre Herme, Patrick Roger, and L'Eclair de Genie. See also 10 master chocolatiers per Le Figaro.

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I don't know from the chocolate crawl, but the Luxembourg Gardens are easy, close to several Metro stops (Cluny-Sorbonne, Odeon, Mabillon, St-Sulpice, Rennes). It's a big park, you can go in and out from any direction so you can see it en route somewhere. Sit by the pond and watch the kids sail their boats, stroll through the trees, enjoy the puppets and merry-go-round on the east side. There are metal chairs you can move around, and lots of benches. The Luxembourg Palace is a beautiful building, but not open to the public, it's where the French Senate meets. All you need is good weather and a free hour or so. Look for Susan from Sausalito! : ).

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Paris Walks offers the Chocolate Tour. It was yummy.

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Hi Cathy, I've taken 5 RS tours and the people have all been great so don't worry about fitting in. I just wanted to mention that you really don't get a lot of free time on the tours and sometimes it's hard to plan in advance for when it will occur. Once the tour starts your guide will be able to give you a better idea but I'd hesitate to plan too much. Luxembourg Gardens are beautiful and that would be pretty easy to do. If possible, I'd wait to book the chocolate tour until you get there or plan it for an evening when you have dinner on your own.

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The RS Paris tour doesn't go up the Eiffel Tower, so you'll definitely want to do that. Other places you may want to go that aren't covered during the group tour time: The Opera House - gorgeous inside! Walking the Champ Elysees, The Arc de triomphe, the Jardin des Tuileries, Rodin museum, La Grande Arch de la Defense, Napoleon's tomb. Several of us went back to the Orsay museum, also.

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Thank you everybody for all your advice... truly.
You guys are great!!!! Wished I knew all of you on a daily basis, bet you'd be a blast to hang out with.

And good, I'm glad the tours have our time pretty well accommodated for - with spots of our own breathing room.

I have heard about the gardens through another stream and they sound wonderful. I'd love to just sit down and take in the beauty.....

I guess is where I practice - Merci! ;)