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The Louvre

Hi All. Planning our first family trip to Europe- Paris and London. Bought my R. Steves books, tickets, places to stay. Now I am working on daily sight seeing. I purchased the Paris Museum Pass only to find out that the Louvre reserve ticketing is full for the entire month of June. Is there any other way to see the museum on our stay? 6/4-6/10 I am wondering what other reservations will be full? I know its peak tourist season then.

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Check the website of every place you plan to visit in London and Paris, and if the tickets are not yet on sale, mark your calendar for when they go on sale and book that day. Tickets go quickly.

It looks like the June calendar dates for the museum pass for the Louvre haven't opened yet. It only goes through May.

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Sorry.. I am realizing they are only allowing ticketing 3 months ahead so I am early. Yay! I should still be able to get them.
Thank you!

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The museum pass is now largely worthless since it provides no line advantage that a ticket doesn't, does not allow repeat visits, and the Louvre limits slots available. However you should be able to get those slots by jumping on line until they oopen up. Good luck.

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Do watch the official ticketing website for Museum Pass-holders on the Louvre website. It's the trickiest one to book as they restrict the number of pass holders each day more than they restrict the full fare entries. Be ready to hop on the date you want as soon as it comes open. I'd probably check every AM, lol.

Other museums you will not have to worry so much about as far as getting timed entries for the Museum Pass.

Since you've bought the pass already, it will work fine for you since you are starting ahead to see about booking!

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Just returned from a Louvre visit. I just want to put in a suggestion for visiting the Richileau wing and experiencing art from France and the Middle East. The highlights that Rick advises are seen with crush of people all following the same tour from every guide book. Instead of ending when we were truly miserable we continued on—and pretty much had the rooms for ourselves (French Corot paintings, Dutch masters, ancient cities). Just be prepped for major crowds for the highlights and not being able to get near the Mona Lisa, but know there are still ways to escape the crowds.

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Even holding advance tickets, you may face a line-up for a security check. Maybe short or long; no way to know. But almost certainly worth it.