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Thank u Rick steves

Just want to thank u for all u have done to encourage travel and for new NewYorker interview. I’m a passionate traveler and am relearning to be a “ a solo” after losing my wonderful travel companion/husband. U r a wonderful support — please don’t retire.

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I don’t think Rick will be going anywhere, rwolf … except to Europe for many more years to come.

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rwolf, I'm sorry you've had to enter this stage of life but glad that you're planning to keep on traveling.

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I am also a widow and had to relearn so many different things.... I am proud of you for moving forward and finding ways to keep enjoying travel and life. There are many of us on the forum that have faced the challenge of new travel as a "solo". Feel free to come post anytime. We are here and happy to help you in any way.

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Wasn't that a wonderful interview? I just read it. Rick did a program at the library I worked at about 25 years ago. He was so kind and gracious and funny.

So sorry about the loss of your husband. Keep on traveling!