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Thalys credit

I bought two TGV tickets from Paris to Bruxelles (directly with totaling 58 euros for a mid-May trip that I am cancelling. I just got an email from Thalys saying that I can change the reservation, but I would need to call in order to do so. I have no interest in doing that, and I won't be able to return within a year anyway, so if anyone is interested in the credit please DM me. I haven't waded through the fine print, so it's possible that transferring isn't allowed. The recipient doing that research would be part of the bargain.


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Are these physical tickets or self-print?
Physical tickets, the sort you get at the station or in the post, are anonymous and can be used by anybody (and cannot be replaced if lost).
Self-print tickets (e-tickets) have a name on them only to prevent two different people using the same ticket. In case of dispute they ask for ID. You may be able to alter the name when you change the booking - I have never tried.