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Temporary Pass Sanitaire testing availability

We leave tomorrow and my husband has still not received pass Sanitaire. We are resigned to getting temporary passes every 72 hours, but are curious about ease of testing outside major cities. Can most pharmacies do the antigen test on a walk in basis or should we try to schedule tests using the Doctolib app. We start in Aix en Provence, but are wondering about Sarlat, the Loire valley and Brittany. Thanks for any guidance

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Hi Mary,

I have been in Aix en Provence for two weeks. You really don't need to get a test, although there are several pharmacies here and most offer them. Yes, they are walk-in. As long as you have your CDC card (paper or electronic) you'll be fine here. We show it at every restaurant and museum but that's it. You don't need it for shops or buses.

Let me know if you need anything else. We have gotten to know Aix very well :)

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I can add we have been in nice, Saint Paul de vence, menton, and ville franche sur mer. We have been unable to get our pass either. However It is absolutely ZERO issue. We take our certificates from my purse, and say “2 dose Pfizer” and they glance at the paper, I don’t even think they are trying to read it. No one has questioned us at all! I was soo worried coming to france when my pass had not yet been approved but it has not been at problem at all!!