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Teenager friendly/formule friendly restaurants for group in Paris

Hello all,

I've a few questions before pertaining to taking my high school students to Paris. There will be 5 kids and 2 adults. I have our itinerary in Paris all planned, I was just wondering if you have any restaurant suggestions. Especially restaurants that offer a "formule" with entree/plat/(dessert).

I'm used to doing Paris on my own---I'm big into gastronomy, but since I'm keeping a student's pocket book in mind I'm a bit of a fish out of water. I know Chez Clement offers a lunch formule, or at least did a few years ago. I'm fine with chains (though I'm not a fan myself). I want them to eat as French as possible since I always talk about the importance of French food in class.

Any suggestion would be great.


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Chez Clement is a good option - and lists traditional French food that your students might be willing to try, especially for the price.
There are rotating seasonal "plats du jour" of traditional food - included in the "formule" - as well as other items a la carte.

At lunchtime, most cafes offer a "menu" or "formule" for under 20 EU for 3 courses. The big problem will be beverages - if you can encourage the kids to drink free tap water, instead of paying 5 EU per soft drink and more for juices, this will help a lot.

If anyone is desperate to stick to what they know, Hippopotamus is a near equivalent to TGI Fridays, and several locations around Paris. Best to go for the lunch special, since "real" hamburgers and salads, etc can run around 18 EU.

Many boulangeries/patisseries now sell pre-made sandwiches on baguette or panini, also different quiches and squares of pizza - average price for these is around 5 EU. Sometimes there will be a "formule" for around 7 EU, including a drink and sometimes a cookie.

Crepe restaurants might be a good choice. If you're in the Latin Quarter, you'll find plenty of inexpensive choices. A few are in the Marais, but they are always too crowded.