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Taxi to cdg from republique

We have an 11 am flight tomorrow from cdg - we are two blocks from republique - family of four - anyone have a feel for whether it will be hard. To get a cab at around 7:30 at the taxi st by the republique metro stop

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With the high temperatures, you're unlikely to find an idle cab: you should book tonight!
I would book the cab a bit before 7.30 assuming the flight goes outside Europe (for instance, 7.15). Use either Uber, or the G7 app, or call G7 (your accommodation can help if it's a hotel). G7 booking costs 7 EUR. If your luggage is bulky and might not fit in a regular sedan, book a larger vehicle.

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You obviously have a computer connection so you can reserve at G7's website on line; With 4 people it is nuts to take the train and you absolutely cannot count on finding a cab on the street. This is a high stakes cab run -- you need to reserve and then be on the street 5 minutes before the appointed time. It will cost 50 Euro plus 7 for the reservation.

I like to do these things by phone but if you have computer access you can do it on line.

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thanks for the advice. This worked perfectly =- booked a G7 cab for 7:10 am - get a text at 7:05 with driver info - he was on time. paid via credit card on line. were at the airport at 8am. Thanks