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taxi to airports from Paris apartment

This June will be staying in a VRBO apartment in Paris for the first time. Usually the hotel makes a reservation for the early morning taxi/shuttle for our 10:30am flight back to US. Can anyone tell me how to go about making arrangements for a 7am taxi pickup? Would Uber be a reliable option? We are staying in the 6th on Rue Mazarine. Many thanks!

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We have used Uber four times for the early morning trip to the airport.
There were no problems.

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You can book a G7 Taxi yourself and possibly save on the kickback from the apartment agency.
Here is the info, and everybody speaks English:

Uber cannot pick you up for a run to CDG, unless you have paid for their services in advance.
And it will be a pain trying to find the driver.

There is a flat fee for the Right Bank - 55 EU and for the Left Bank, 50 EU. No luggage fees apply.

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You can use Uber, you just cannot arrange for pickup in advance. It could be costly due to surge pricing if you are caught in a busy period.

Official taxis can be arranged in advance for a 7€ fee. Calling for immediate pickup is 4€. Walking to a taxi stand avoids these charges.

Taxi G7´s English speaking operator 01 41 27 66 99

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G7 also has an App. that you can use to schedule your pick up as well. Just be out on the curb 5 min. before the arrival time.
Enjoy your trip.

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My question is kind off topic but you think is cheaper to get a taxi or to take the train RER?

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Luis, Train (RER) is €10.30 between anywhere in Paris City to Charles de Gaulle Airport, or vice-versa. Taxi is €50 or €55 (fixed rate) depending on which side of the Seine you are starting from / ending at.
Taxi may be slower during the day but quicker at night.
Train you have to carry your own luggage.

If you are a big group or will have trouble carrying your luggage consider a taxi, otherwise train.

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When our Uber App failed us, we had no trouble hailing a cab from the sidewalk near our VRBO. We were in the 5th (Blvd. St. Michel), early-ish (7:00 am) on a Saturday in April.

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I'd never count on hailing a taxi for a high stakes run to the airport. We rarely see cabs at cab stands except for a few spots like Bastille that always seems to have a long line of them. I want to know I will have a car to the airport for a high stakes flight -- so we always book g7 the night before; have done this many many times and they have always been there about 5 minutes before the time asked. If you are near the RER B or near a metro and have easily managed luggage on stairs and you are alone then the train is much cheaper; be sure you are absolutely pick pocket proof. Losing your passport and credit cards on the way to the airport would be a real bummer.

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Thank you everyone! It looks like we have a lot of options and backup plans. Given how awful CDG is with return flights back to the US, we want to make sure that we really get there 3 hours prior and even then we've had some pretty close calls. Thanks again. Your help is much appreciated.

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Uber is not supposed to pick up random passengers on the street.
It will involve a fine.

I'd make it for 3.5 hours. Even when there is a 7 AM pickup.