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Taxi service CDG to Gare du St. Lazare

Can anyone recommend a reputable, clean private taxi service from CDG to Gare du St. Lazare?

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Something wrong with the cabs from the official taxi rank @ 53 EUR?

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As Sam says, go to the official taxi rank, and the fare is fixed. No meters, no monkey business...and the cars are perfectly clean and fine.

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Parisiens Taxis are regulated by the Paris police. The majority are owner operated, each associated with a dispatch company of which G7 is the largest. Fares and operating rules are uniform among all official taxis.

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All taxis at CDG are private taxis. I don't know if all are clean all I know is that I have never been in a dirty one. Write Gare Saint-Lazare and 53€ on a piece of paper and hand it to the driver after saying bonjour and you will be fine.

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We just went to the official taxi stand & took one from there. Walk past the “offers” & get in the queue. Fixed price, easy.