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Taxi or Private Driver from Epernay to Paris CDG

We will be staying in Epernay in late May. Because the last TGV of the day from the Champagne-Ardenne Station to Paris CDG is quite early (17:30), we were wanting to stay in Epernay longer and hire a taxi or private driver to take us from Epernay to Paris CDG Airport later in the evening, where we have a hotel booked for overnight. Has anyone done this recently or can anyone recommend a taxi service/private driver? The hotel quoted me a price of 250 Euros, which seems a little steep. But maybe it's not for the trip (1.5 hr) and being in the evening? Thanks!

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That doesn’t seem steep for such a ride. The driver then has to return to Epernay. Enjoy Epernay, a town we really enjoyed.

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For a taxi I wouldn't be surprised if that is the cost. Have you considered just taking the train to Paris, then take the train (RER) to the airport (CDG)? Epernay to Paris Gare de L'Est, walk to Gare du Nord, train to CDG. You didn't note dates so I can't look up specifics but you could try this route to see if it works with your schedule.
Good Luck, I hope you find transportation that suits you, and Have a great trip!

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250€ is a very fair price. It's really a 3 hour trip for the driver because as noted above he or she will have to return to Epernay. I'd take it if I wanted a private driver. I do not think you will find that service for less. Every service I know of that would do that trip would charge more. I bet if you price the trip on, you will find that the one-way trip in a taxi would be estimated at around 150€ and you would double that for the car service.

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Thanks very much to everyone for your quick replies! I checked the local train schedule as suggested and when I plugged the trip info into the SCNF website for our date of travel, the last train to Paris left Epernay at 18:00 and arrived at Gare L'Est at 20:00. There did not seem to be a later train, because the next option was "the next day". So, like the TGV schedule, taking local trains would entail leaving Epernay several hours earlier than we desire. Moreover, based on the above comments regarding the fairness of the price, I will go ahead and book the taxi. Thanks again to everyone for your helpful input.

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A very long time ago, before the euro, so in the late 90's I guess, we paid 1000 francs ($300CAD) for a taxi from Rouen to Paris when there was a sudden rail strike. Your $250 quote is fair and reasonable.