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T-Mobile plan - usage of data in Paris & Swiss

I have a T-mobile postpaid plan in US.I am travelling to Paris & Switzerland mid August.
Per T mobile - Data is free & incoming & outgoing calls are 20 Cents a minute.

Just wanted to check if someone had T-mobile & used their cell phone?How was the reception in Paris for incoming & outgoing calls?
Was the data usage free?
If anyone has knowledge about coverage in Swiss(Bern,Interlaken,Lucerne),it would be great too.
I understand the carrier in Europe will not be tmobile but a partner network.

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I used mine for several months last year and loved it. Everything worked seamlessly. Just make sure that you are on the correct plan with T-mobile.

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Great in Paris. I didn't get charged for any data.
I used Google maps a lot.

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TMobile is indeed awesome for traveling. Call reception is great in Paris and if you call on wi-fi you avoid the 20 cents per minute charge. I used a lot of data and I'm never charged for anything. I do maps, research for sites, check my email etc. over the course of the day and I've never been charged.

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We made several phone calls with our T-Mobile plan when we were in Paris in June. No problems whatsoever. We used data freely with no charges.

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We didn't make any calls, but used the data to text and look up things and as the GPS when we were driving. Nice to not have to do anything other than bring the phone you use at home.

Also, kid likes the little welcome you get as you cross borders ("Welcome to France...")