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Super Shuttle in Paris

Going to Paris in September, and saw Super Shuttle service from airport to Paris hotels, and back. Checked Travel Advisor and didn't find any good reviews. Is it really that bad?

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If there are no good reviews it generally means the service is bad. Is it really that bad, you ask. Try it and get back to us. Or take a taxi. Taxis always have good reviews.

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Hi, I reserved a hotel-to-CDG shuttle with them last summer and didn't have any issues. They arrived on-time, and the driver was efficient.

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Shuttles are not part of European culture and Paris has spectacularly good public transport and very efficient taxi transport so they don't fill a need as they do in some US cities. There is also not the customer service ethos that there is in the US. If they don't show, it will be your fault and you won't get your money back. And if they don't show on the way back to the airport you may miss the plane.

If your hotel is near one of the stops of the Air France coach or the Roissy Bus, those are reasonable options. The RER is cheap -- only 9.75 if you pack light, are pick pocket proof and willing to tackle that when tired. Otherwise, just get in the taxi queue and get a cab into town.

Shuttles have a reputation for unreliability in Paris. (and of course many people will do fine with them -- but there are lots of stories of no shows, unreturned money, and the occasional missed plane)

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I've used the Paris Super Shuttles several times and had mixed results, but will probably use them again since they're cheaper than a taxi and I'm on a tight budget. I just plan accordingly. They're often late so I always tell them to be at my apartment or hotel at least a half an hour prior to when I really want them to arrive. Once when I had a pick-up scheduled at CDG, there was a SS van right where I was to meet it, but the driver insisted I wasn't on his fare list (it took quite a while to convince him that I was). He had my first and last names mixed up but he wouldn't believe me until I got a glimpse of his list - no tip for him! I seldom travel light enough to use the RER (I stay for long periods of time), although I've done that a few times for shorter trips since it is easy and very cheap - never had any problems although I am alert for them. Taxis are very expensive but nice if you can afford it (2X or more over the shuttle cost). I've never done the Air France bus/metro trip but, again, that would only work if you're traveling light. September is a lovely month in Paris - enjoy! I'll be there then too, so PM me if you'd like for my favorite restos, walks, etc.