Suggestions for Paris apartment for 4?

We are a family of four (two teenage daughters) planning a trip to Paris July 14-20. Does anyone have suggestions for a suitable apartment? Budget is between 150-200 Euros if possible with the usual caveats (close to metro, safe)

Posted by Jill
Silicon Valley
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Use AirBnB or FlipKey. You shouldn't have a problem finding something in your price range, as long as you understand that your accomidations will be "Paris sized." (How much time are you really going to spend there, right?)

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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Check out Vacations In Paris - . They're based in the U.S and you get your apartment keys before you go, so you don't have to worry about meeting anyone once you're in Paris. Their website has a lot of pictures and apartment information that let's you pick the right apartment for your family.

Posted by Kassie
Olympia, WA, USA
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I second! They're wonderful. They have folks in the US as well as a management team in Paris. Affordable, clean, easy to book/pay, great customer service, and their site is easy to find the right flat for you! Check out #237 - in the heart of the 6th, 4 adults, and we were able to walk everywhere! Have a great time!

Posted by Bob
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I agree with the Vacations in Paris recommendations. Very friendly, very knowledgable, get the keys before you leave, etc. I also agree with the note about the size of Paris apartments. They can be tiny, but so much roomier than comparably-priced hotel rooms in my experience. Hope you have a great trip.

Posted by Kristen
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I booked through Paris Vacation Apartments and was very happy with location, apartment, and service. Just wanted to give you another option in your search!

Posted by Billy
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Thanks everyone - vacations in paris apartments look pretty good though it is a little tricky to get the price right since I'm right around the $300 CDN trying to get 2 bedrooms if possible so my girls don't have to sleep on a sofabed - my wife is still a bit nervous about it though!