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Strikes in Paris

We are flying into London and have train tickets to arrive in Paris on June 6th. Our plan is to stay in Paris 9 nights and than move on to Brittany. Because of the uproar, we are now thinking of skipping Paris, staying in the UK for several days and taking the ferry across as we have reservations in Rennes.

Has anyone visited Paris during the strikes? We are a bit apprehensive since they will be voting again on the 8th.


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With 9 nights in Paris, you have plenty of 'buffer' to work around strike disruptions such as a closed museum. Such disruptions only last for a day.
Plus, I am not sure how intense the strike will be... it's a month away, so I am not sure that the mobilized workers will be as many as they were in March. In April, strike impact was lower already.
The one thing to watch out for is Eurostar issues on your day of travel, but you will only have concrete info about 2 days in advance.

Also, the UK is far from strike-proof these days... Not a great backup plan if you ask me. And I do not think you need one anyway.

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Well, after much thought, we decided to to take a chance and go. They will release who is striking on the fourth. Thanks for your input.