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stops between Chinon to Avignon?

Hello i am looking for things/stops for us we will be leaving the Chinon area heading towards Avignon to stay the night but that is a LONG drive with two Kiddos 10 years old... any good stops to take? once in Avignon does any one have places they stayed they loved. i thought we could stay the night and next day in this area before we head down to the Nice area for 5 days.

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Abowen, it sounds as though you plan on spending 2-1/2 days driving to get from Chinon to Nice, with 2 stops on the way.

Is that really your best option? Could you perhaps reorder your itinerary (including the parts we don't know about) to make better use of your time? Maybe you could leave fro someplace closer than Chinon.

If I were going to plan a long drive I would do it Michelin style, breaking things into short hops with lots of sightseeing along the way.

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Sorry yes that is what we will be doing. We will be leaving the Loire valley from Chinon and heading to what i thought would be our next overnight stay, Avignon, but this is a very long drive. maybe others have ideas of place to stay along the way to Nice? or just long stops to do on the way?? And Yes we have our own car

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You might take a look at ViaMichelin and note the little roads near your path that are highlighted in green. That means VM considers them especially scenic.

I vaguely recall reading that Bourges is a pretty city (I've never been there), but it's only 2 hours from Chinon, so probably not where you'd want to break your trip.

Perouges, unfortunately, is on the wrong side of Lyon, and Lyon is quite large and would slow you down a lot.

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The Dordogne is very beautiful area and approx midway between Loire and Avignon
Lots of very interresting places in the Dordogne - Sarlat, Font de Guame cave, Domme