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spending Easter in Brittany/Normandy/Paris- recommendations?

We will likely be in Brittany or Paris on Easter and am looking for recommendations on where we might witness an Easter celebration. We spent Easter in Sicily many years ago and it was something I will never forget. I am hoping to find some festivities for my teenage son to take part in or at least witness while we are there.
Any recommendations?


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As far as I know, France does not have a tradition of processions or outdoor festivities for Easter. Nothing like Spain or Italy.

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In fact, oddly enough, Brittany is the one region that does have this tradition -- they're called pardons and we have several paintings that Paul Gauguin did of various pardons.

In Brittany however rather than being just at Easter, they last from Easter to mid-August (Assumption). In Locronan, they have two "tromenies" in July.

It does seem like most take place in July and August (in hopes of better weather, I am sure!) but I found a reference to a pardon to be held in the town of Livré-sur-Changeon, in the Ille-et-Vilaine département that will be held on Monday April 18 beginning at 2 pm. "Le Pardon de Saint-Nicodème"

They reference the website of

I don't know if that is anywhere near the area you are planning on being.