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SNCF Travel Rules

We are planning on an October trip and flying into Paris Orly from Naples Italy and I’m trying to understand the rules of SNCF on there website. As soon as we fly in we are taking a train from Lazare to Bayuex. And it states in the rules for international travelers to have a PCR test 72hrs before travel. Is that if you don’t have proof of vaccination or health pass? Has anyone had any recent experience or clarification? And when I look to book we are taking the Nomad train to Bayuex so according to the rules a health passport is not needed. So just trying to clear up the confusion. And I know it will probably change come October but just like being prepared. Thanks

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You're absolutely right - trying to guess or understand what the rules will be three months from now is like chasing your tail.... you have no way of knowing what they will be - more, less, none, or lockdown.

Best to check closer and be flexible, very flexible.

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Those train rules only apply to those taking the train from neighboring countries into France not your trip from within France, Paris to Bayeaux. once you pass whatever rules apply to fly into France from Italy. I am in Italy now and arrived here from France via bus which I needed negative test to board. But October is a ways away given how rules are changing to stop the spread of Covid and save the leisure travel industry at the same time.