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SNCF strike?

I am sure this has been asked a lot... We are headed to France from July 3-15 and I saw today that the SNCF strike has been extended to the end of June two out of five days and that it MAY continue to July in the case that the demands aren't met. We will be taking just one train from Amboise to Paris (with a transfer to TGV). In the event that the strike continues (unlikely, but who doesn't love to plan for extreme emergencies?), what would be the best way to get from Amboise to Paris?

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Have you tried to see if you can buy a ticket? In May, the SNCF website wouldn't let us even purchase tickets on potential strike days, so we planned our trip around the days we could purchase tickets. Everything worked like normal, i wouldn't have even noticed the strike if it hadn't affected our dates. Plus if you buy your ticket in advance the fare will be cheaper...

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Thanks to both; we don't want to buy a ticket in advance because we don't yet know which train exactly we'll take. It depends how bored I get sitting in Amboise drinking wine! I read an article on a French-language site so I'm not sure exactly the details. But yes, it does show tickets available. Thanks all!

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Do SNCF employees typically go on strike in late October/early November? Obviously nobody has a crystal ball about 2018 but I'm wondering if the employees have done this in the past few years. Thanks.