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"Small" French Air Traffic Strike Thursday June 2

Yes, believe it or not, this is a separate action to the strike that will supposedly happen June 3-5.

Paris Airports has announced that 10% of flights in/out of Orly will be cancelled tomorrow, June 2. (Again, as mentioned before, these are usually short-haul or medium-haul flights, within France or within Europe. Trans-Atlantic flights are not usually affected during these small actions, although there may be delays to any flight.

Please check with your airline to see if your flight is among those affected.

AirFrance advises thus (and the advice is probably good, no matter who you’re flying – the key is highlighted in yellow. This will continue to be the key during these upcoming days whether your travel is by air or by rail – check with your carrier):

We plan to operate:
- All our long-haul flights
- All our flights from and to Paris - Charles de Gaulle
- 90% of our flights to/from Paris-Orly and to/from Lille and all other domestic flights

The update of our program for Thursday, June 02 is ongoing.
Last-minute delays and cancellations can also be expected.

We invite you to privilege check-in online. Please take your
precautions to arrive to the airport as public transportation could be

Before going to the airport or train station, we advise you to check
flight and train information updated in real-time on our website, in
the “Flight and airport info” section.

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