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SIM/Mobile Options? SFR specifically as well..?

Hi - Looking to grab a prepaid SIM card for my upcoming trip.. arriving in Nice. Looks like Nice airport doesn't have many options, so I'll probably find a mobile store in Nice city.

My first hotel is actually minutes away from a SFR store, so I've been eyeing them specifically, but I can't understand how their prepaid cards work. Can anyone familiar help explain it to me.. or present any other good recommendations if not w/ SFR?

I found this site:
Which has this PDF:

Which... doesn't make sense to me. I don't speak French, but I think it says for example that I can recharge 10 Euros to get unlimited calling/sms & 10 Gig of Mobile under the "Illimite" section, but the "Internet" section says 10 Euros to get 5 Gig of internet mobile.

But... why would I want to pay the same price and get less data AND no calling/sms?

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If you have an unlocked phone, consider Google Fi service. You can use this globally (almost all of Europe) and pause service whenever you want. Much better deal than a local SIM.

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I went SFR and hated my experience. First the SFR store told me they don’t sell prepaid cards and sent me to a tobacco store. They sold me one, but it didn’t work right. I went back to SFR store to get help, and they told me they don’t support prepaid and told me to call support. I told then I can’t because i don’t have a working SIM card, and they told me tough luck and go back to Tobacco store for help.

All the phone numbers, help pages, etc are in French with no English option. Eventually through bad google chrome translations I fixed the issue.. 4 hrs later. ( It was an issue with my mms apn somehow not loaded from SFR network correctly, so I had to manually configure it on a 3g network. )