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side trip to Annecy from Lyon advice

Beginning of this September we have 3 nights in Lyon prior to a river cruise. Would you take the train or would you drive? It would certainly only be a day trip. How are the roads en route? Dependable, or curvy and narrow(like some in the south of France)?

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It's freeway but up and down over the mountains, twists and turns somewhat, but it's freeway, or rather mostly toll road.

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okay...thank you...not sure if we wish to rent a car or take the train

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I would take the train. I did drive there a few years ago, but if I was doing a day trip, I would take the train. Once you're in the city centre you don't want or need a car. You can explore the city on foot. So, why pay for parking and the stress of driving? On my trip I was headed on to Chamonix after a couple of days.


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Personally, I'd take the train over renting a car (unless you're already planning on having a car while you're in Lyon). There's also a bus that takes about the same amount of time as the train. It's definitely worth the time to get there for a day trip, I loved Annecy - my favorite small city in France, so scenic.