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Shuttle transfer

I am have reservations for a shuttle to pick me up at Charles De Gaulle airport and transfer me to the Londres Eiffel. (Jul 26).
Will be going solo upon arrival to hotel. Is anybody out there familiar with VIATOR (Paris shuttle transfer ?).

Thank you.

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Viatour is a middle man agency that sells our company's tour products, so the shuttle is not "Viatour" it's some company that Viatour sells tickets for.. and they sell for many tour companies etc.

Why did you decide to use a shuttle, and what price did you pay(can try and figure out what product you actually have)

Some shuttle companies are easier to use then others,and some are more reliable.

Are you able to cancel or have you prepaid?

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Shuttles in Paris have a reputation for unreliability and going through a middleman you don't even know which agency is maybe picking you up. If they don't show their line will be 'we were there and you weren't' -- they won't be refunding the money. If possible cancel this and get a taxi from the official taxi rank. for the return reserve a taxi on the G7 English line the night before.

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I DID prepay through AAA Travel services (Bellevue WA)... as I live in bothell, WA.

the invoice reads:


VIATOR Conf # here

it was through AAA Travel in Bellevue, WA.

Total for two shuttle days was: $56.34 to hotel from airport (coming in-Jul 26)... and going BACK to airport from hotel on the last day.

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Cathy, you're already booked and you got a good price. Don't worry. PS - the Londres Eiffel is a nice hotel in a great location, 2 minutes walking distance to the Eiffel Tower. The Tower lights up every night at 10 pm and twinkles for 5 minutes, don't miss it!

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@ Donna - thank you for the reassurance on everything. re: Eiffel Tower.... even if I don't happen to make it into the Tower, I can stand back and just look at it - in awe. :) that thing looks hugggggge!

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Hi Cathy, the Eiffel Tower is really beautiful, especially at night. I made a short video with my I-pad and it has gotten rave reviews from everyone who has seen it. You are going to love Paris!