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Shuttle Service CDG to Paris

My husband and I will be arriving at CDG on Delta after a long overnight flight. What do you advise for transportation to our flat in the Paris 4th? I've read very mixed reviews about the SuperShuttle and would like to know if there are other shuttles that are better. We could take the AirFrance Bus to Gare de Lyon (E17 ea.) and then a taxi but it's not as convenient. Taxi from CDG to the 4th runs about E70. Shuttle is about half that with a special -10% May discount on their web site. Any thoughts? Merci!

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Of course, there's also the RER B train - under 10 euros per person...

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You've got a bad initial premise.

Taxi fare from the airport to anywhere near Gare de Lyon for two people with junk in horrible traffic shouldn't be but about forty-five euro.

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I have used both the Air France bus to Gare de Lyon and the RER B to Chatelet les Halles, when staying at different ends of the Marais, and certainly recommend either one. Even though you'll be tired, you'll make it.

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Thank you all. The taxi quotes I've received start at 50 and climb upwards to 75 depending on the traffic for 2 with bags. Since we'll be traveling early afternoon, I suspect it would end up on the high range. I had heard that the AirFrance bus was a good alternative and less expensive. I also have read where pre-paying a shuttle company is very iffy and many times they are a no-show.

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70 euros is HIGHLY unlikely... taxi will be between 45-55 euros.

Have you looked on your hotel website.. find out the nearest metro station.. it may be easiest and cheapest to take the RER and just walk to hotel from station.

I have used this private car company twice with no problem. It will give you a flat rate and you do NOT prepay. Worst case scenerio if they don't show is take taxi or RER.


The name includes "shuttle" but it is a private car service. believe flat rate is 50 euros.. maybe 55 but no luggage charge.

Most of us here arrive after overnight flights( west coasters) so we know you will be tired.. but really the RER or taxi from the OFFICIAL taxi stand is fast and easy. Do not take a taxi ride from a driver that approaches you.. they are not licensed and often lure folks in with cheap prices then up it as they go.. Offical taxis take only from the taxi stand and are metered.

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Super Shuttle worked great on our trip last summer. They were waiting for us at the arrival hall with a big sign so we could see them. We waited about 20 minutes for the van. Pretty painless.

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France does not have a shuttle culture -- they don't need to with excellent taxi and public transport services. One result is a high degree of unreliability. They don't show and then blame you 'we were there, you weren't' and keep your money. We hve taken taxis from CDG a dozen times and the most we have ever paid is 55 Euro. When we had apartments in the 17th or 18th, it was closer to 45 Euro. And taxis ordered the night before for the return trip are also reliable.

If you do book a shuttle, make sure you don't pay for it ahead and I would strongly urge you to not rely on them for a return to the airport without a robust plan B as you really do need 3 hours ahead at CDG for a return to the US. Of course sometimes it works out fine, but your odds are lower than using a taxi.

If you do use the RER/metro route be sure you are pickpocket proof. This is true any time you use the metro or bus or are at a museum or anywhere else where pickpockets operate -- that means no wallets in pockets or purses slung over your shoulder in back and no valuables in the pickpockets dream the backpack.