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Should we split our trip?

We're in Paris from may 24th to June 1st. It's too late, but we now realize that May 26-29 is busy in Paris!

Our initial plan was to drive from CDG to Honfluer and spend 2 nights in Normandy, and then the remaining 6 nights in Paris. We are travelling with 2 children (4 years and 11 months).

Since May 26-29 is busy in Paris, should we consider splitting our trip? May 24th-May26th Paris, 26th-29th honfleur and then 29th - 1st Paris again? Or is that too much transit/change?

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Why is Paris 'busy" or busier than normal for those days? Paris is always busy from April to October, not sure why you think those days are any more so...

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Jojo: Based on what I've been reading Ascension Day is supposed to make that weekend busier than normal? There's recommendations to stay away from big cities on these days? If not, then that's great news for us. Was getting worried based on what I was reading.

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From May 26 to 29 Paris will not necessarily be busier than other periods, on the contrary some Parisians will take the opportunity to leave Paris to have a few days off.
And some of them will go to Normandy which is nearby.

So if there will be more people it will be especially true for Honfleur and its surroundings.
By car, expect traffic jams on the roads and motorways linking Paris to Normandy, especially on Thursday 26, and on Sunday 29 afternoon/evening when Parisians return home.

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You don’t say where you’re flying from, but I wouldn’t suggest driving immediately upon landing after a transatlantic flight, especially with two small children.

I’d think about staying in Paris the whole time, considering the hassles of renting cars/changing hotels with young children in tow.

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Thanks everyone! Curious - if Paris shouldn't be busier than normal - how is almost everything sold out 26-29? I can see availability 29-1st and 24-26th. Do I need to call/email to book?

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It does look like a difficult period. I believe your trip overlaps with the French Open. Perhaps that's the proverbial straw breaking the camel's back. found zero rooms in what it considers "Paris" that would accommodate 2 adults and 2 children for the three nights beginning on May 26 at 200 euros per night and less. A few places popped up in what I assume are suburbs: Pantin, Bagnolet, Nanterre, Montreuil, Collegien, Rosny-sous-Bois, etc. Some of those hotels were quite a bit less than 200 euros per night, but I have no idea whether they are practical places to stay. Spending a lot of time taking trains/subways/buses into the city day after day is not a great way to spend a vacation.